Refund Policy

COVID-19 and returns

Please choose carefully due to COVID-19 we are keeping everyone safe with no exchanging stock or refunds for change of mind we cannot risk the health and saftey of our clients. We will not be held accountable for your incorrect judgement of colour.

If your product is faulty we can offer an exchange or full refund.

CHLORINE : do not submerge your extensions in a chlorine pool we will not cover these it will damage them especially blonde turning it green so wear a swimming cap too protect your extensions even the beach can strip your extensions salt is harsh if you must swim take shampoo & conditioner with you and rinse after in the beach showers with conditioner especiallyπŸ’•

Please note if any seals are broken warranty is voided

Wigs are a non returnable item if your not sure on wigs don’t purchase one as we do not except returns it’s how we keep our clients safe from infectious scalp conditions so think twice about your wig purchase as it cannot be returned .

please if your unsure of your colour send us an email we do not recommend colouring Extensions this will void any warranty we can colour match you contact us at 🌸